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Retirement Planning & Distribution

You've saved diligently and invested wisely to prepare for retirement. Now it's time for us to help you translate that work into a comfortable and secure retirement.

Managing Risks

Beginning to spend your savings in retirement can be like jumping head first into a pool without knowing how deep it is: Any mistakes you make are hard to recover from. WealthPLAN Partners helps our clients navigate the risks, including:

  • Longevity risk: Helping ensure that you won't outlive your money.
  • Sequence-of-return risk: Protecting your portfolio against damage from market swings.
  • Inflation risk: Protecting your spending power.
  • Reinvestment risk: Helping safeguard your assets against changing interest rates.
  • Liquidity risk: Making sure you have funds available for the unexpected.

WealthPLAN Partners also helps to make sure our clients claim Social Security benefits correctly. Claiming Social Security benefits is a major decision with lifelong results that often cannot be undone. Our What's at Stake Calculator is one way we help clients learn about the impact of their Social Security claiming decisions.

A Personalized Process

Our retirement planning process begins with clarifying your retirement vision. We then bring a full range of strategies to ensure that income needs will be met throughout retirement.

Reaping Your Reward

Retirement should be your reward for a job well done, not a time of uncertainty. At WealthPLAN Partners, we're committed to helping you transition into--and sustain--a confident, rewarding retirement.