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Our Process

At WealthPlan Partners, we like to say, "Have a Plan, Invest With a Purpose." It's our process that turns those words into action. Our process allows us to understand your situation and goals, develop and help implement a plan, and make sure you stay on track over the years.

  • Get Organized

We help you organize and simplify your information so we can help determine the best course of action to meet your goals. This step also includes analyzing your investments, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, tax strategies, and estate plan.

  • Recommend Strategies

Our recommendations are personalized to your specific situation and address your unique goals. We will make sure you understand each recommendation fully so that you can make informed decisions. And we will listen to your concerns and revise your plan as needed.

  • Implementation

We agree together on how the plan will be carried out.

  • Monitor and Review

We continually monitor your progress toward your goals. Your plan should be reviewed at least once per year to update your progress and make any adjustments as necessary.