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Estate Planning

No matter the level of your wealth, you need estate planning. WealthPLAN Partners is here to help.

Why it Matters

Estate planning is how we make sure that your wishes are carried out when we're no longer able to do so personally.
A good estate plan will help to ensure that your assets are given to the person you wish, at the time you wish. It will also protect you should you become incapacitated. By planning your estate, you will help to ensure that you-not the courts-determine:

  • Which kind of medical care you will receive
  • Who will care for your dependents
  • How your assets will be distributed

Taking Control

The last thing we want is for our loved ones to be searching for our financial records, titles and insurance policies in their time of grief and stress. When you plan your estate, you organize your records, update beneficiary designations and correct errors while they can still be corrected-removing an enormous burden from your family members.

The best time to plan your estate is now, while you can. Because with estate planning, there is no second chance. We are more than happy to work with your attorney on your estate plan. We can also recommend an estate planning attorney from our strategic network.